About Us

In 1995, Leon Koester’s trucking company had a problem. As a hauler for Alcoa, Koester was regularly destroying his dump trailers, which did not hold up well against the loading and unloading of aluminum scrap. To remedy his problem, Koester designed and built a trailer that was unlike anything else on the market: a steel dump trailer with a u-shaped hauling bed.

After testing out this u-shaped trailer in his trucking business, Koester knew that his design would benefit other haulers, as well. In 1995, Leon Koester founded Superior Trailer, Inc., with one goal in mind: to build the best lightweight dump trailer on the market.

Due to the success of Koester’s design, Superior Trailer grew and expanded, offering customized dump trailers for heavy hauling applications. The business grew, and due to this steady growth the company moved to its current location in Elberfeld, Indiana. In 2007, Leon’s daughter, Lori Lattner , purchased the majority of stock in the company and became company president. Today, Lattner runs the company along with her two sons.

Brad Lattner sums it up in this way: “We don’t want to build the most trailers, we just want to build the best trailers.”